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Schedule Your Officers Here


Why choose
TAAP Public Safety?

  • All officers are covered under our comprehensive insurance policy

  • Rapid deployment of off-duty police officers to your location

  • Active, vetted, commissioned police officers with current NIH training

  • One simple invoice versus hundreds of timecards and check requests​

  • Tax forms, 1099 contractor forms and payments to officers are processed for you

  • Single point of contact 24 hours a day for emergencies, questions, concerns

  • Hiring, scheduling, and emergency replacement of police officers

  • Impeccable reputation as the standard in traffic control

  • Over 90 years of policing and executive experience to supervise the officers on your project

Choose a time

you will receive email with confirmation officers are scheduled as soon as we receive this form

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you! 

To schedule officers, send text to 830-968-6789 or fill out form below

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